A dedication to the Plotthound: A Poem!

Plott Hound Poem

Plott Hounds

Since man started hunting, and using a dog. Looking
for bear, cats, coon or a hog.He´s needed one, to depend on a lot. He´s found
no better than the famous Plott.

Coming from Germany a long time ago. They´ve
helped feed families, this we know.

Bred for courage, cold nose and grit. Always
hunting not knowing how to quit.

Easy to handle, easy to break. A sportsman´s
choice the Plot he´ll take.

With a steady pace and a real good mouth. The
Plott´s the favorite from the North to the South.

When the trail comes to a stop and it´s time to
bay. Some may leave but the Plott will stay.

Loving their master and giving their best. In all
running hunts, they pass the test.

With the rig-dog on top, in the back three more.
It won´t be long till a bear we´ll score.

Through the forests the echoes sound. Of the
famous --- PLOTTHOUND.

8 apr 2013